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PreMinder calendar app for Mac can now sync with iCal calendars


Alec Hole Design has announced PreMinder 1.5, an update to their calendar application for Mac OS X. The upgrade offers the ability to sync with iCal calendars, including with those on iCloud or Google Calendar.

PreMinder offers fast editing, customizable views and the ability to style each event by choosing a font, font size and color. There are two main windows in PreMinder’s workspace. In the Day View window events and notes for a day can be edited. At the same time, users can see an overview of a longer time period in the Calendar window. This can display scrollable monthly, two monthly, weekly and multi-week views, or a whole year list overview.

Information entry is as simple as clicking on a date and typing. Times in an event’s text are automatically recognized. Events can have their own font, size and color, while notes for a day can have multiple styles. Users can customize the Calendar window by choosing background colors, setting default text size and color and choosing whether to show full events or summaries.

PreMinder requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, with Mac OS X 10.5 or higher required for iCal sync. The app can be downloaded ( and tried for free for 40 days, after which a license key must be purchased. A single user license costs around US$30.

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