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TeamViewer for Mac beefs up remote control features


TeamViewer GmbH (, a provider of solutions for online communication and collaboration, has announced a new version of its TeamViewer for Mac software. The update allows TeamViewer to start upon system boot, letting users control unattended Mac OS X computers from devices running any other major OS, including Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android.

The update also offers a variety of key features which make it an attractive solution for home office workers who need access to their work Mac. When used for remote system administration in helpdesk environments, TeamViewer enables administration of computers that currently have no users logged on.

TeamViewer has been available for the Mac, offering cross-platform communication. What’s new is that TeamViewer starts automatically with system boot and runs in the background. With TeamViewer installed, users can establish an immediate connection by entering the ID number and password of the unattended computer.

Once connected, the computer or server can be controlled as if the user was seated right in front of it. In contrast to the TeamViewer Host module, TeamViewer for Mac full version allows not only incoming connections, but also outgoing connections to other systems.

Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewerr, says the new TeamViewer for Mac OS X also offers a variety of new features that deliver improvements in remote assistance and collaboration, including:

° A revamped interface: the initial screen is split into two tabs for quick navigation between remote control and presentation.

° Enhanced security options: with the new functions, users can choose if they want a fixed password (for distant access) or a random password changing each time a TeamViewer session is established. The session passwords can be upgraded from a four digit level of security to 10 digits for extra protection. What’s more, the TeamViewer options section can be protected with a password to avoid unauthorized changes to the TeamViewer settings (e.g. passwords or white lists).

° Improved presentation: The update offers fresh connection possibilities for online presentations. Viewers now can now connect directly to the presenter, rather than having the presenter individually enter the ID and password of each viewer. Thanks to a customized invitation feature, presenters can easily increase the number of concurrent viewers, and start the presentation as soon as they see all viewers are connected.

As with all TeamViewer solutions, every communication between the viewer and the viewed computer or computers is encrypted with AES-256 bit encoding. The new TeamViewer full version for Mac is available immediately and can be used on Mac OS X 10.4 systems and upward.

Existing customers of TeamViewer 6 can update their software free of charge, by visiting TeamViewer is free for private use, without limitations. For commercial users, TeamViewer offers lifetime licenses tailored to their needs at no extra costs.

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