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Wacom adds a splash of color to the Bamboo Stylus

Bamboo Stylus Colors .jpg

Following the launch of its original Bamboo Stylus in April, Wacom ( has announced its new range of colored pens matching Apple’s iPad Smart Covers.

Available in white, blue, green, orange and pink, the colored Bamboo Styluses are designed for note-taking, annotation, drawing, sketching and visual thinking. With the proven precision nib, Wacom now also offers exchangeable nibs to suit the usage needs of iPad owners.

Beside the soft standard nib, alternatives, such as more solid, robust nibs will soon be available on the market. The pen coating has a shiny, soft-touch finish.

Complementing the Stylus is Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app. The app, which is free of charge, is designed for realistic and intuitive note-taking and sketching. With the launch of Bamboo Paper’s free version, which is designed for desktop use with a Wacom tablet, all Paper notes can now be shared between an iPad, Mac and PC.

Available at Amazon and Wacom’s online store starting the final week of October, Bamboo colored Styluses are priced at US$29.9. They’re compatible with all media tablets using the same capacitive touch technology as the iPad.

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