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Jumptap: iOS has 31% of network data


Jumptap (, which specializes in targeted mobile advertising, has released its MobileSTAT Report covering network data for the month of August. Among the findings:

° Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile platforms continue to dominate the top three spots, and claim more than 90% of the market, based on August 2011 data from Jumptap’s network of more than 142M global users and 11 billion monthly ad impressions.

° At 47% operating system market share, Android maintained its leadership on the Jumptap network.

° Despite ranking second in market share to Google’s Android OS with 31%, Apple’s iOS continues to deliver the best direct response advertising performance with an industry-leading CTR of 0.71%.

° Three groups continued to exhibit the highest mobile click-through rates: users ages 45-74; those with income levels of more than $50,000; and males. A clear new challenge for advertisers is getting beyond CTR to connect with younger, less-affluent audiences whose presence on the Jumptap network is large, but whose propensity to click on ads is low.

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