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BodyGuardz offers protective accessories for the iPhone 4S


BodyGuardz ( has announced protective products for the iPhone 4S. New users can visit the company’s web site to order. Available protectors include:

° Clear skins (US$24.95): full body protectors made from BodyGuardz’s Clear scratchproof film, which is used to shield the fronts of automobiles from damaging debris.

° ScreenGuardz ($14.95 5o $19.95), which are available in the following materials: UltraTough Clear, HD Anti-glare and Privacy.

° Amor ($19.95), a scratch-resistant film that’s available in a textured carbon fiber pattern as well as over 50 graphics. It comes with an UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz.

° Ciderz cases ($29.95), which offer shelter and side-protection.

BodyGuardz also offers iPhone 4S-compatible earphones with its earjax line, including the inline mic-supported BodyGuardz earjax Moxy ($69.95) and Bump ($39.95) editions.

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