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Soundboard for Mac OS X revved to version 2.10


Ambrosia Software has updated Soundboard ( for Mac OS X to version 2.1.0. The update adds support for iPad remote control via the Soundboard Remote, compatibility with the iPad version of Soundboard for exchanging soundboards and compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

Like cart machines in broadcast radio studios, Soundboard lets users map sound effects, audio clips, or musical accompaniment to keys on the Mac keyboard, triggered with a single tap. Soundboard’s 32 triggers can be used to build custom mashups from your onboard audio. You can create intros and fades, crop at will, and apply filters to your audio without fear of losing your original file.

You can control Soundboard via any MIDI device, and MIDI effects such as panning and gain are automatically applied to Soundboard’s output. You can have your sound play in its entirety with a tap, or have it run only while holding down your chosen MIDI trigger. With Soundboard, it’s your audio, your way.

Soundboard is available immediately for US$49. Registered users of version 1.x can upgrade for $19; version 2.1.0 is a free upgrade for registered users of version 2.x. Soundboard requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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