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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite supports the iPad


At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe announced Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, which allows freelance designers and small design firms to publish interactive content created with Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software on the iPad.

It has a fee of US$395 per application and offers an end-to-end workflow for designers to publish a single-issue application for sale or distribution through the Apple App Store. Without writing a single line of code, designers can now use their existing skills and workflows to create an application for the iPad, saving on development costs while allowing them to maintain complete creative control, according to Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager, Media Solutions, Adobe.

Single Edition allows users to publish single-issue content such as a brochure,-visual book, annual report or personal design portfolio as an application for the iPad. As an extension of the Digital Publishing Suite line, Single Edition enables users to leverage Creative Suite 5.5 workflows to create an application for the iPad.

Single Edition for iPad is expected to be available for purchase at the Adobe web site ( at the end of November. For details go to

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