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Study: 41% of mobile buyers to buy an iPhone 5


InMobi (, an independent mobile ad network, has announced the combined results of its monthly InMobi Mobile Insights network ad data research and a custom iPhone-focused study, “iPhone 5 and the Mobile Market.”

The InMobi announcement acts as a forecast to the scope and effect of the confirmed Oct. 4 iPhone announcement in North America. InMobi anticipates the North American mobile ad market to experience a significant increase in mobile media consumption based on the iPhone 5 consumer data findings. The iPhone 5 is potentially the most successful smartphone launch to date, according to the ad network.
The recent InMobi consumer smartphone survey uncovers that 41% of current mobile users in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada plan to buy an iPhone 5. The study further finds that over 50% of those users will make the purchase within the first six months of the iPhone 5 launch, which could take Apple significantly ahead of its June 2011 market position, and increase its mobile platform market share from 27% in June (comScore Inc., August 2011) to 41%.

However, if Apple only unveils a product update — akin to the 3GS version of the iPhone that Apple released in 2009 — interest in the new smartphone will be significantly lower, with fewer than 15% of consumers likely to actively pursue the new handset. The study finds that consumers are most hopeful for improved battery life; increased processing speed; higher-quality screen resolution; and stronger phone service in the rumored Apple smartphone.

The study uncovered that over half of BlackBerry users (52%) are planning to switch to the new Apple iPhone 5, followed by 51% of current iPhone users and over one in four (27%) Android owners. Even if the announcement only unveils an iPhone 4S, 28% of current BlackBerry smartphone owners plan to switch to Apple, more than double the amount of current iPhone and Android owners.

InMobi’s North America Market Overview, which shows nearly 24 billion mobile ad impressions on the InMobi network over the past quarter, denotes that Apple mobile ad impressions are on the rise in iPod touch devices and that as a manufacturer, Apple has the majority of the market share, at 29%.  Data from the report also indicates a 33% growth in mobile ad impressions over the past three months, and a 39% growth in smart phone impressions in the North America mobile market.  An infographic outlining the full findings of InMobi’s most recent research is available at .

“The combination of Apple’s increasing market share in mobile advertising and general consumer interest in their latest technology is another boon for the mobile advertising industry,” says James Lamberti, vice president of Global Research & Marketing at InMobi. “Apple is currently the clear leader in terms of compelling user experience and customer loyalty, and we feel that their quality and pace of innovation when it comes to mobile devices will continue to improve the content and advertising experience for consumers for iPhone 5 and beyond.”

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