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iHog escapes from Speakal


Speakal ( has unleashed the iHog, a hog-shaped, iPhone/iPod docking station and speaker system. It’s available for US$119.99 through Sept. 30 and $139.99 afterward.

It purportedly provides up to 10 hours of lithium rechargeable battery life that also charges your iPod.  Its universal cradle lets you play all your iPhones and iPods (including iOS4, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4) outdoors or indoors with four speakers delivering 360 degrees of sound with two tweeters, two sound diffusers and a downring 20 watt subwoofer, a super amplification stereo system and optimized airflow, with frequencies from 50Hz-20KHz for a total output of 28+ watts.

You can adjust the iOS device’s navigation with a touch of the hand. Just push the hog’s ears to turn the volume up or down, or its head to skip tracks, pause — or use the included remote to adjust the controls from a distance.  You can also connect the iHog to a TV, gaming console, or other music source with the included 3.5mm AUX input jack.

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