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‘All About Steve’ available in the Kindle Store


“Fortune” is releasing “All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple,” a new eBook available exclusively in the Kindle Store (

The eBook features three decades of “Fortune”’s reporting on Steve Jobs and the rise of Apple, including interviews with Jobs and Adam Lashinsky’s recent investigative piece, “Inside Apple,” which gives a behind-the scenes look at how the company really works. “All About Steve” costs US$10.99 and can be downloaded for the Kindle at http://www.”Fortune”.com/allaboutsteve .

All About Steve includes stories from veteran journalists Brent Schlender, Peter Elkind and Lashinsky, who have spoken to Apple employees and insiders at length. The eBook also contains an exclusive interview with Jobs from 2008, as well as Bill Gates and Jobs’ sit-down with “Fortune” from 1991 on the future of computing. Business leaders such as Andy Grove, Andrea Jung, Larry Ellison, Marc Andreessen, and Bill Campbell weigh in on how Jobs changed both the tech industry and society.  

In addition, All About Steve includes more stories chronicling the history of Apple from its emergence as a market leader in computers to the creation of the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, and the Apple Store. The epilogue includes pieces from Fortune’s Miguel Helft and Stanley Bing.

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