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Rumors: iTunes Match, iPhone 5 with 1GB of RAM


Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

“Just like Apple did with the iCloud system backup service, Apple has announced that they will reset iTunes Match iCloud libraries on Monday, September 26th.” — “9to5Mac” (

“The new iPhone packs 1GB of RAM, according to a source familiar with the SOC’s manufacturing. That not only means better web browsing, but more importantly, new background tasks that Apple will introduce in the new iPhone’s software will perform much better.” — — “9to5Mac” (

“Curved cover glass may be the next big thing in terms of handheld device designs as both Apple and the non-Apple camp are reportedly gearing up for the releases of products with curved touchscreens in the first half 2012, according to industry sources.” — “DigiTimes” (

“Historically, Apple has held its big product demonstrations in San Francisco. The iPad and iPad 2 were unveiled there, as were all iterations of the iPhone to date.  This year things are going to be different.  This year, Apple’s holding its big iPhone media event closer to home. Sources close to the company say the demonstration scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 4, will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Calif. Why? That’s not entirely clear.” — “All Things D” (

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