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Rumors: Hong Kong store, iPhone trade-ins


Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogsphere:

“Apple new CEO Tim Cook might be coming to Hong Kong to attend the opening ceremony of the new Apple store. The local press has recevied rumor that Tim Cook has already arrived in Hong Kong, and got high chances to attend the new store opening on this coming Saturday (September 24th).” — MIC Gadget (

“It looks like people with spare iPhone 4’s lying around are choosing to sell them now before the device becomes obsolete. Apple is widely expected to officially announce the next iPhone model within the next two weeks. And as anyone familiar with Apple products knows, when the new iPhone is released, all previous models become instantly devalued.” — TG Daily (

“Apple is set to launch a new pilot program for retail employees that will allow them to borrow an iPad for up to a week. (Yes, a whole week!) The initiative is intended to give staff a better understanding of the product so that they can be more helpful to customers who want to know about the device.” — “Cult of Mac” (

“Sprint will be limiting its mobile hotspot plans to 5GB of data as of October 2nd — only days ahead of the rumored iPhone 4S/5 launch.” — “MacRumors” (

“The 3G iPad 2 has so far met with an extremely poor response in mainland China, at least at retail, reports say. Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai are said to have been totally devoid of crowds during the Wednesday launch, even though guards and fencing were brought out in anticipation of long lineups. Scalpers which have plagued Apple retail in China were only seen in small numbers.” — “MacNN” (

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