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USRobotics enters tablet accessory category with five products


USRobotics ( has entered the tablet accessory product category with the launch of three new tablet stands and two new wireless Bluetooth keyboards.

Designed for a wide variety of devices, including tablets, iDevices, smartphones, netbooks and eReaders, the new stands include the USR5510 Tablet/Netbook Adjustable Stand, USR5511 Slim Tablet Stand, and the USR 5512 Charging Stand for iPad/iPhone (pictured). In addition, the new USR5500 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and USR5502 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard are for tablets as well as any computer system, including home theater computers.

Created for everything from watching videos, reading eBooks or using a tablet as a computer monitor, the one-piece stands are compact yet sturdy designs that can be used at home to convert a tablet into a workstation, says USRobotics CEO Bruce Swail. With multiple angles, the stands provide easy typing and clear viewing also making them ideal to watch movies or work while traveling, he adds.

The USR5510 and USR 5511 are tablet/netbook adjustable stands with open designs designed to keep devices cool. Both are compact and foldable. They can be used with most tablets, including the iPad, Xoom and Playbook and allow for viewing in landscape and portrait modes. Because of their extendable legs, the USR5510 also works with thin laptops up to 15 inches and most netbooks. Their hands-free fit enables videos to be watched more comfortably while the lower angle makes it easier to type emails or multi-task at the office, says Swail.

The USR 5512 Charging Stand is designed for iDevice users who want to go hands-free and charge at the same time. It’s a stable stand with a 30-pin connector for iDevices including the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPod. The stand can be connected to a computer with an iDevice cable to sync and charge the battery. At the same time, speakers can be connected to a lineout port to watch videos and listen to music with better audio quality.

When paired together, the stands and keyboards save time by allowing users to remotely control a movie or volume with multimedia shortcut keys or skip the virtual keyboards and type faster on longer emails.

The USR5500 wireless Bluetooth keyboard and USR5502 Mini Bluetooth keyboard are accessories for home and business users with tablets or computer systems placed in tight spaces. They support most tablets and work with all major systems with Bluetooth support including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Playstation 3. Their additional multimedia function keys control music or videos remotely, pause a video or mute the volume without leaving a fingerprint on the screen.

The full size USR5500 has iDevice keys for additional functionality like slideshows, swapping between virtual and Bluetooth keyboards, and the Home key. The pocket size USR5502 with its rechargeable batteries is built for IT server rooms, students, and professionals on the go and want to pack light.

The new USRobotics USR5510, USR5511 and USR5512 tablet stands are all currently available at retail prices starting at US$19.99. The USR5500 and USR5502 wireless Bluetooth keyboards are available with pricing starting at $39.99. The products can be purchased from USRobotics’ authorized distributors such as Ingram Micro, Tech Data, D&H, and Synnex and reseller partners including CDW and Amazon.

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