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MacTech InDepth is new seminar series


On the heels of the success of MacTech Conference for IT Pros and Developers, and MacTech Boot Camps held all around the United States, MacTech has announced a new (third) type of event: MacTech InDepth — a series of one day seminars each focusing on a single topic. 

MacTech InDepth is a single-track, hotel-based seminar that is specifically geared to serve the needs of IT pros, consultants and techs looking for a deep dive on a single topic. The first MacTech InDepth will focus on Mobile Device Management, and will be in the City of San Francisco on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

“MacTech Conference 2010 was an enormous success delivering amazing content and a quality conference to IT Pros and developers in the large organization, enterprise, and ISV markets,” says aid Neil Ticktin, editor-in-chief/publisher, “MacTech Magazine.” “MacTech Boot Camp events have been a terrific success in helping consultants grow their company and support small business. What’s been really clear from the feedback is that attendees want even more from MacTech. Our new MacTech InDepth series of seminars will squarely address that request. The InDepth format gives us the flexibility of not only having different seminars on different topics, but to make them available in regions all over the country.”

Using MacTech’s proven “running order” approach, it packs in the maximum amount of sessions possible into the time available combined with the opportunity to talk to sponsors, network with peers and meet new contacts, he adds. Expected event topics include:

* MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management (the first one scheduled);

* MacTech InDepth: Network and WiFi Design and Troubleshooting;

* MacTech InDepth: Lion Server Administration and others…

The first event, MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management (MDM) will spend the entire day focused on MDM. Topics will include:

* Security and Mobility

* Solutions Requirements

* Asset risks and security threats

* Mobility Business Drivers

* Monitoring and Control

* Protecting the Enterprise, business, and the organization

* Enabling Employees

* Protecting data and devices

* Mobility creating new business intersections

* How to develop a mobility strategy for your organization

* Securely supporting social media, commerce and sales

* Defining Technology Initiatives

Additional information on topics and sessions at .

“Now that Apple is pouring it on with the onset of OS X Lion, iOS, and mobile devices, there is no better time than right now to fully integrate, deploy and maintain mobile operations along with securing valuable mobile assets and company proprietary information,” says Russell Poucher, MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management Sessions chair, and principal of Creative Resources Technology Group. “This is exactly what we do when working with organizations of all sizes, helping our clients create seamless solutions through every stage of mobile operations. MacTech does an amazing job of putting live events together.  As sessions chair for the event, we’ve been working with MacTech to create their MDM curriculum and secure some of the best speakers in the industry.”

“We are extremely pleased to be involved in this event to share best practices on how to fully embrace Mac and iOS devices in the Enterprise,” adds Jonathan Dale, Fiberlink Communications. “With the rapid pace of change in mobility, cloud-based mobile device and application management platforms, such as MaaS360, are critical to enable the full adoption of the consumerization of IT.”

MacTech InDepth pricing includes the full day of sessions and lunch. Those who register by Oct. 31 can take advantage of the Early registration and save $200, paying $295 to register for MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management.

More information on the MacTech InDepth series is at . More information on MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management can be found at . Registration is open now at .

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For more information about MacTech Conference, see and for more information on MacTech Boot Camp, see .

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