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Shaderlight gets animated in version 2

ArtVPS has launched Shaderlight 2 (, a new version of the software that brings interactive rendering to Google SketchUp. Now Shaderlight Pro users can render animations directly from SketchUp, developing their 3d concepts into animated photorealistic presentations.

There’s also a new feature called Replace Me, which purportedly enables users to render detailed models without the associated slow down when using large amounts of geometry. ArtVPS has linked with DynaScape, a provider of software for landscape design professionals, to offer a selection of detailed models for this new feature.

The animation tool will appear as a new button on the Shaderlight toolbar and access an interface that enables users to render SketchUp scene transitions as a sequence of photorealistic images for animation. Shaderlight 2 supports the camera positions, object and layer visibility in SketchUp scenes.

It will also render animations created using the SUanimate and Keyframe Animation plug-ins; both tools that create a separate scene for each frame of the animation. Replace Me rendering allows users to substitute complex models, such as people and trees, within their scene for simple billboard models.

Both new features are only available in pro version; a 14-day demo is available for download. Existing users can upgrade for US$50 this month, saving 50% on the full upgrade price.

For new users Shaderlight Pro 2 is $299. A discounted educational version is also available for students and teachers using Google SketchUp in schools.  A feature limited free version is also available to download. Network licensing for educational and corporate use are also available; contact ArtVPS for details.

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