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iCloud petition wants to save the favorite features from MobileMe


To convince Apple to save the most popular features from MobileMe, Command Guru has launched the iCloud Petition (

Anyone can check the services they would like to see integrated within iCloud and contribute to construct enough feedback to Apple. According to recently published Apple guidelines, the shift from MobileMe to iCloud will kill a few synchronizing goodies like keychain, System Preferences and Mail. Other services, like the Photo Gallery, iDisk space and iWeb publishing functions, will be terminated as well, and the users will have to find alternative solutions within June 30, 2012.

When asked to save some MobileMe features, CEO Tim Cook said that “Apple is open to it if there is enough feedback on the subject.” With the iCloud Petition, anyone can check the services they would like to see integrated within iCloud.

To adhere to the iCloud Petition connect to the initiative web page and check your favorite MobileMe features. The system will automatically send your feedback to Apple.

You can track the iCloud Petition progress following Command Guru on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll get realtime updates for all the period of the initiative.

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