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Analyst: Apple to build 30 million iPhone 5 units this calendar year


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tells “AppleInsider” ( that Apple’s anticipated iPhone 5G will sport the same 512MB of DRAM as the iPhone 4. In addition, the hardware will feature a glass front and back, just like the current iPhone, he adds.

Kuo tells “AppleInsider” that the next rev of the Apple smartphone should have an improved antenna design. Though the antenna will be improved, the analyst thinks that there will be little change to its shape and appearance.

Kuo forecasts that Apple is planning to build 30 million iPhone 5 units by the end of calendar year 2011. If Apple were to meet that goal and sell all of the handsets in the holiday quarter, it would easily best the record 20.34 million iPhones Apple sold in its June 2011 quarter, notes “AppleInsider.”

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