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Freedom UniMount is universal mounting solutions for tablets

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MountMe ( has unveiled the Freedom UniMount, a universal mounting solution designed for all tablets and e-readers. Embracing the patented on/off clipping mechanism of the Freedom mounts, the Freedom UniMount provides the ability to mount your device virtually anywhere — from cars, windows and desks to walls, mirrors and air plane seats.

Light and compact, the Freedom UniMount safely and securely attaches to the back of any tablet, e-reader or protective casing, instantly transforming it into a mobile and multifunctional device, says Brien Spina, founder of MountMe. It’s available in six colors, including hot pink, lime green, navy blue, solid black, pure white and gray.

The Freedom UniMount comes with a mobile mounting strap and four suction cups. In addition, its patented design doubles as a kickstand, giving users the option of utilizing their tablet as a desk clock, picture frame and more. The Freedom UniMount can also be permanently wall mounted using screws and detached using the Quick Release Bracket system.

Available for pre-order, the Freedom UniMount comes in a complete set for US$39.99. Additional mounting tabs are available in twin packs for $19.99.

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