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Boomers ready to leap into smartphone market

Relatively good news for Apple and the iPhone: a new study conducted by Consumer Cellular (, the exclusive wireless provider for AARP members, and industry thought-leader Bob Chapin of Flying Coyotes, a telecommunications research firm, reports that Boomer adoption of feature-rich mobile devices continues to increase as those 50-plus look for ways to better connect with friends and family.

The survey, completed by 2,037 U.S. cellphone users ages 40-plus, focused on their interest in and opinions of smartphones and how they do or would use them to enhance their lifestyles.

Of those who responded, 60% of non-smartphone users say they are considering or plan to buy a smartphone, while 87% of current smartphone owners report they are likely or extremely likely to purchase another smartphone. The Android operating system is the leader among current smartphone owners, with 28%, followed by Apple at 19% and BlackBerry at 15%.

Boomer respondents reported a desire to own a smartphone that will enhance their daily lives. Some of the results include:

Sixty-seven percent are active on Facebook and desire a smartphone that offers easy access to the Web for social networking purposes.

Those surveyed who intend to buy a smartphone say primary uses include e-mail, location-based services, games, and photography.

As a cost-conscious demographic, 60% would download financial applications, travel discounts and other coupons.

— Dennis Sellers

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