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Enhance Technology unveils Enterprise JBOD expansion array

Enhance Technology has introduced the UltraStor ES3160JS HA dual controller JBOD storage system.

It’s designed for both direct connection to a host with RAID HBA and to provide capacity expansion for the UltraStor ES3160 Series HA dual controller storage systems, via its high speed end to end 6G SAS ports. As your need for storage increases, the ES3160JS offers a way to extend storage capacity for Enhance Technologies ES3160 TG-D (10GbE), P4-D (iSCSI), FS-D (Fibre Channel), or SS-D (6G SAS) primary arrays.

The UltraStor ES3160JS expansion array leverages 3TB 3.5-inch drives. The modular design enables simple expansion of your existing ES3160 storage systems by daisy chaining up to three additional ES3160JS arrays for up to a total of 48 additional drives. These expansion arrays support both SAS and SATA drives within a single chassis.

A fully configured UltraStor ES3160 storage system with 3 ES3160JS expansion arrays expands to 192TB of total capacity.The ES3160JS offers dual-active I/O modules per expansion array, which optimize throughput while providing failover data paths. It delivers over 1.2GB/second sustained data throughput in a RAID 5 configuration by leveraging either 450GB or 600GB 15k RPM SAS drives.

Starting from a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$7,000, the UltraStor ES3160JS is now available from Enhance Technology (

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