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Apple’s new CEO to tackle delivering video to televisions?


Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, faces the challenge of advancing the company’s plans for digital video, even as Apple is developing “new technology” for delivering video to televisions, reports “The Wall Street Journal” ( and “AppleInsider” (

Quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter, the “WSJ” says “Apple is working on new technology to deliver video to televisions,” adding that the company has also been in talks over a subscription TV service.

New markets, such as digital video and control of the living room, will pose the first “real test” for Cook, who officially took over for Steve Jobs this week, notes “AppleInsider.” Of course, this could all tie in to rumors that Apple will release its own HTDV before summer 2012.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry thinks Apple will launch a new high-definition television in March 2012 with three screen sizes and price points. He thinks the Apple HDTV would be akin to Bose’s pricey VideoWave (pictured), an US$5,200, 46-inch LCD HDTV with an integrated surround-sound speaker system. Chowdry says his “converged view” of data from various developers is “probably” 75% accurate.

The analyst thinks any television set from Apple would have just one cable. He adds that the HDTV will probably be about two inches thick and sport a 16-speaker, Surround Sound system.

— Dennis Sellers

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