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iWeb SEO Tool now supports favicons


Rage Software has released iWeb SEO Tool 2.0 
(, an update of the utility for iWeb users to optimize their web sites for search engines. It’s 
free for all iWeb users. (iWeb is Apple’s entry-level web creation tool.)

iWeb SEO Tool 2.0 now allows users to add favicons to their websites. Favicons are the little icons that display in the address bar of web browsers and when a visitor bookmarks a website.

With iWeb SEO Tool users can add page title tags, meta tags and
alternative image text without having to mess with the underlying
HTML code. Combined with Rage Software’s suite of search engine
optimization (SEO) software, iWeb users can now compete fairly with
all other web sites for top search engine rankings, the company says. iWeb SEO Tool runs on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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