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iPad-powered mass transit kiosks catch a ride on Charleston trolleys


Slicker Interactive ( and Charleston (South Carolina) Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) have launched the first iPad-powered mobile kiosk that gives CARTA riders a whole new perspective of Charleston.  

The kiosks — installed on all 12 trolleys servicing the Carta Dash routes – allow bus riders to interact with and search Slicker’s City Slicker app. The app provides users with information about cultural sites and businesses. In addition to the interactive kiosk, the iPad powers a flat-screen monitor that displays videos and images of establishments the bus is approaching.  

One of the champions and primary backers of the new kiosks has been Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. “I am pleased to announce that Charleston is the first city in the world to benefit from City Slicker’s brand new technology,” he says. “There is so much content and useful information, it will be a tremendous help and first class guide for anyone traveling in our city. The additional attraction of City Slicker is sure to be a critical step towards increasing mass transit ridership.”

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