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CS Odessa released Solution for Twitter Messaging from Mind Map

CS Odessa ( has announced ConceptDraw MindTweet Solution for ConceptDraw MinsMP v7, available immediately via download from the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

The ConceptDraw MindTweet Solution focuses on producing consistently interesting and valuable content, according to the folks at CS Odessa. MindTweet delivers a variety of mind mapping tools for Twitter users that are useful for creating a consistent Tweet story, they add.

This new solution provides a tool for strategically developing Tweets. Users can w brainstorm, organize, and schedule their Tweets using the creative approach of mind mapping, and then publish directly from their mind map with a single click.

ConceptDraw MindMap v7 retails for US$219. Competitive upgrades from other paid mind mapping products are available for $109.

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