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iOS tutorial video offers guide to making iOS apps

Infinite Skills is offering a 12.5-hour tutorial video course ( designed to help participants become an iOS developer.

Presented by author Tony Bove, “Learning To Build Apps for iPhone and iPad” takes viewers through the standard app development cycle using the iOS SDK (software development kit) and Xcode all the way to submission to the Apple App Store. The course focuses on two central app development projects. Viewers can follow along and build the apps themselves, piece by piece.

The iOS app development tutorial video series includes 105 separate lessons with a total running length of 12.5 hours. In addition to covering the basic steps of creating an app for the iPhone and iPad, it also includes point-by-point tips for animating menus, incorporating iAd banners within an app, personalizing user controls through gestures, troubleshooting bugs and creating universal apps that can be played across all iOS devices.

“Learning to Build Apps for the iPhone and iPad Training” can be ordered on a DVD-ROM or as an instant download through the Infinite Skills website. While maintaining a Mac emphasis, the videos can be viewed on both OS X and Windows-based machines. The entire iOS tutorial video course retails for US$99.95.

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