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SmartFit 2 a smart for the iPad 2 and Smart Cover

SmartFit Smoke.jpg

If your iPad 2 sports a Smart Cover, it’s half-way protected — the screen is safe, but the back of the tablet remains exposed. The Joy Factory ( has a great solution in the US$29.95 SmartFit 2.

It perfectly complements the Smart Cover. The SmartFit 2 is available in “smoke” and “clear” versions.

Made of polycarbonate, it’s rugged. And it’s only 0.9 mm thick so doesn’t add much bulk or weight. Even decked out in a Smart Cover and SmartFit 2, my iPad 2 still fits into all the cases I’ve tried it with.

What’s more, the SmartFit 2 has been engineered to fit the tablet’s new multimedia openings for camera, speakerphone and microphone access. It simply snaps into place — and snaps off if you need to remove it.

Think of the SmartFit 2 as the other half of the Smart Case. And don’t leave your iPad 2’s behind exposed to the world.

Rating: 10 out of 10

— Dennis Sellers

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