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Akitio 4eleases Taurus Mini Super-S to storage product line

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Akitio ( has added the US$199 Taurus Mini Super-S to the company’s line of storage products. Targeted to audio/video enthusiasts, it’s a 2.5-inch, dual bay SATA enclosure, compact in size, and is complete with a built-in LCD display and two FW800 ports for daisy chaining. 

The Taurus Mini Super-S sports eSATA, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity. To maximize performance and data throughput, “RAID 0-Striping” is a solution for daily backups and other data transfers. In addition, the “RAID 1-Mirroring” function will automatically create a copy of all data in the event a drive may fail. 

Akitio’s storage solution comes equipped with a built-in LCD display for device configuration, event messages and access to detailed information about the external hard drives. Parameters, such as HDD temperature, can be monitored with the help of the LCD display. Also, the storage device utilizes Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology to obtain data directly from the HDD. 

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