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FileMaker Design Studio scheduled for Oct in New York City


The Craft of FileMaker will be hosting their next Design Studio for FileMaker Pro Developers Oct. 24-26 in New York City.

This three day training will be lead by veteran FileMaker Developer’s Conference Speaker, Don Levan, president of Vanguard Custom Software and Founder of the Craft of FileMaker. Attendees of The Design Studio will learn a formal process for designing FileMaker solutions.

Attendees can save US$300 by registering by the end of the FileMaker Developer’s conference. The Studio is being held at the 825 3rd Avenue (50th Street) in the heart of the Big Apple. The Studio will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop computers.

Paper, sharpies, sticky notes, and six-up templates will be provided. Participants will receive a recommended reading list in advance of the Studio. Participants are responsible for their own meals. For more info go to .

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