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SoniVox unveils Twistmorphing synthesizer


SoniVox has released the newest instrument from their Nemesynth Audio Research Group: Twist (, a spectral morphing synthesizer. It boasts Mac standalone, AU, VST and RTAS compatibility.

Twist is a tool for musicians, producers, and sound designers that combines a new type of synthesis, intelligent performance controls, and an intuitive graphical user interface designed to give the user control over a new and unique sound engine which sounds can easily personalized to meet each user’s individual needs, according to the folks at SoniVox. It sports over 200 factory presets that can be personalized.

You can lock Twist’s controls up with any MIDI controller. There’s an onboard tempo-synced variable resolution pattern generator.

Twist is available now at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$149.99 and an estimated street price of $99.99.

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