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Affinity Labs sues Apple (again) for patent violations


Another day, another lawsuit. Affinity Labs (, a patent holder that last sued Apple in 2009 has targeted the company this time accusing the company of violating two patents related to media playback, reports “AppleInsider” (

Two years ago Affinity Labs– which describes itself as an “innovation company” that generates new product and business ideas — sued Apple, accusing them of violating three patents related to streaming and downloading of content. The lawsuit said the technology Apple uses to transfer voice mails and music streaming is a violation of patent law. This week, the company says Apple has violated two more patents involving a content delivery system and method and a method for managing media.

Affinity Labs seeks damages from the court, as well as applicable attorneys’ fees, notes “AppleInsider.” The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday.

— Dennis Sellers

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