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Drag and Drop Easy App Builder


Posted by Greg Mills

Developing Apps for the iOS devices is very lucrative. Despite the developer support Apple provides, it still takes a knowledge of writing code to fully prepare an app for launch. Google has been working on a drag and drop app builder for primitive apps for Android but Apple’s developer program is still pretty hard for non-programers to use.

A more professional easy app building solution is to be found at Taking the drag and drop method into the process, the Mac style solution to building apps is now available as a web app. Below are elements from a press release App Press sent us:

APP PRESS SURPASSES 1,000 CLIENTS WORLDWIDE Indianapolis start-up successfully launches software to build iOS apps, code-free.

App Press is a content management system that allows print and web designers to rapidly build amazing iPad and iPhone apps completely code-free. After almost one year in development, App Press launched to the public on May 28, 2011.

Since May 28, App Press has gone from 40 clients to 1,000 clients in 23 different countries. App Press clients included Gannett and the
Indianapolis Star which utilized App Press to develop the hugely successful, ‘500 History’ app for the iPad and iPhone.

App Press is the culmination of thousands upon thousands lines of code and brian child of co-founders and Techpoint Mira Award finalist, Kevin Smith and Grant Glas.

What makes the tool so unique is its simplicity. There is no software installation. App Press is 100% web based. The designer upload the images he or she creates (jpgs or pngs), then repositions the elements in the App Press interface. By hitting the save button in the tool and using the App Press app, they can instantly view their work on their iPad and/or iPhone.

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