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Customers’ views on tablets are overwhelmingly positive


Customers’ views on tablets are overwhelming positive. DigitalMR measured over a quarter-million positive comments for tablet devices from January to June, compared with just over 100,000 negative ones.

Apple has a commanding 48% share of these positive comments and 52% of the smaller group of negative comments. Next placed is Motorola with 16% of positive mentions and 18% of negative.

DigitalMR’s analysis (powered by SocialNuggets) is based on comments posted via a range of relevant websites and open access social media platforms. It measures not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the Internet, but also their sentiment — whether posts are positive or negative in nature.

“Tablets seem to have launched on a wave of consumer optimism and currently the iPad is dominating online conversation,” says Managing Director of DigitalMR Michalis Michael. “It is critical for brands to leverage their goodwill online, to create greater impact as the battle for second place intensifies.”

The popularity of tablets shows no sign of abating. For example according to the Consumer Electronics Association, 17 million were sold in the US alone in 2010 and its latest prediction is 42 million units to be sold in 2011.

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