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Keystone debuts portable solar battery charger


Keystone has introduced its portable solar battery charger. The ECO Solar & USB Power PAK ( purportedly doubles the talk time of iPhones and smartphones and triples the play time of iPods, MPdf3 players and hand-held games.

Keystone ECO Solar/USB Power PAK is a portable solar battery charger that lets users harness the sun to save up back up power. The light-weight Power PAK is equipped with a mono-crystalline solar panel that collects energy in direct sun and partial sun. Aside from charging via the solar panel, its built-in 1500 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery can be recharged by extending the built-in USB key and connecting it to the computer.

The Power PAK is fully charged after 5-6 hours in full sun or in 3-4 hours through the USB connection to a computer. It includes five connector tips to fit micro USB, mini USB, PSP, Nintendo DSi as well as a charging cable specific for iPod and iPhone. Users simply select the connector for the device, plug one end into the Power PAK and the other end into the device.

When the device is fully charged, the Power PAK will automatically switch off to protect it from overcharging. The pocket-sized Power Pak comes with a strap so users can attach it to a backpack, beach bag, golf bag or elsewhere. A charging level indicator lights up, indicating the Power PAK is charging and will turn off when complete.

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