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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for June 24


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

James Shaw has announced Amenities for iOS. It’s an US$0.99 “social data GPS app.” It provides one tap access to any local amenities such as restaurants, gas stations, taxis and ATMs.

Black Mana Studios has released Screenplay for iPad 1.0, a $13.99 screenwriting app. Screenplay for iPad was created with specific in-put from a team of professional screenwriters.

RoJaSoft has released Speeds 1.0, a GPS based navigation utility for iPhone and iPad devices. The $0.99 app will measure your speed using GPS. Speeds can measure your speed when you are in a train, a car, a plain or on a bike. Speed, max speed, average speed, distance and time are measured. Users can choose between kilometers and miles, record their routes and see them later on a map, as well as choose between map, satellite and hybrid views.

Kiboomu has launched Toddler Sing & Learn for the iPad, the second of three apps in their song, puzzle and coloring page series. Featuring a full kid’s music album of 10 sing-along songs, 10 puzzles and 10 coloring pages, Toddler Sing and Learn HD ($1.99) is designed to help kids learn words, letters, numbers, colors and shapes, body parts, food, days of the week, animal sounds and more.

Amos Studios has introduced Scam Detector. The $0.99 iPhone app reveals over 350 of the most popular scams in the world. The scams are separated into nine categories: auto, face to face, telephone, travel, and internet, which is broken down into five areas: social networking, financial, employment, housing, and online auctions.

The Wedding Row has debuted Wedding Row 1.0 for iOS, a lifestyle app that allows couples to create, organize, save, and share their wedding plans. The $1.99 app features an image scrapbook with 25 categories, where users can save pictures they take or download of venues, gowns, invitations, etc. Inspiration boards let users group images together, a built-in address book stores contact information, and a financial planner tracks expenses, deposits, estimates, and payments in all 25 categories.

Dee Jones has served up Cocktails & Cookbook 1.0 for the iPad. it’s a $3.99 cocktail, food and wine resource.

Garden Apps has rolled out the Sprinkler Times 1.0. The app is designed to help people across the United States find the correct number of minutes to set their sprinkler timers for maintaining healthy gardens all year round. Sprinkler Times is free. To unlock all features, people can upgrade Sprinkler Times via an in-app purchase of $5.99.

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