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Transposer adapts 2.5-inch SATA SSD to a 3.5-inch drive tray


Sonnet Technologies has introduced its US$39.95 Transposer ( universal 2.5-inch SSD to 3.5-inch drive tray adapter. It secures the smaller SSD drive to its heat-sinking aluminum frame, and the assembly is installed into any 3.5-inch drive tray.

With a 2.5-inch SSD attached, the Transposer adapter mimics the geometry of a 3.5-inch drive and mounts to trays that bottom-mount or side-mount 3.5-inch drives. The Transposer adapter’s SATA connector is positioned to plug into a backplane as the tray is inserted. 

Transposer is compatible with 3 Gb/s and 6 Gb/s SATA (or single connection SAS) SSDs and hard disk drives. The Sonnet adapter supports 7mm to 15mm 2.5-inch drives. Standard position mounting holes on the bottom and side of Transposer give it the flexibility to be used anywhere a 3.5-inch drive is normally used, including computer drive bays and side- or bottom-mount trays for drive enclosures, says Sonnet CEO Robert Farnsworth.

Transposer’s specially engineered, open-frame aluminum heatsink design allows heat to be conducted and convected away, which is important to maintain the long-term reliability of high-performance SSDs and hard drives, he adds. Its connectors are attached to a pass-through circuit board.

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