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Rumors of the day: Rosetta to be licensed, more


Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

Aaron Patzer of Intuit’s Personal Finance Group tells “The Mac Observer” ( that Apple might license Rosetta, which is being left out of OS X Lion. Rosetta is the technology that allows Intel-based Macs to run software developed for PowerPC Macs. Rosetta has been part of Mac OS X since 2006, but Apple has decided it’s time to move on. My take: heck, why shouldn’t Apple license Rosetta? It would bring in a smidgen of money and make some Mac users with legacy software happy.

Apple’s cash is expected to top $70 billion at the conclusion of its current fiscal quarter, a sum so massive it could buy out rivals Nokia, Research in Motion, HTC and Motorola Mobility, according to a new analysis, as noted by Horace Dediu in an analysis for Asymc ( Sure, Apple could, but why would it? Jobs & Company will simply continue to pressure the competition with iPhone sales and new iOS features.

“AppleInsider” ( says that the release of iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad this fall, Apple will bring the Nitro JavaScript engine to full-screen Web applications saved to a user’s home screen.

— Dennis Sellers

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