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CasaTunes extends iTunes in the Cloud to the home

CasaTunes, which specializes in multi-room music solutions, has announced support for Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud beta. It will automatically and instantly detect when a new song or other audio file is added to your iTunes in the Cloud account and enables those tracks to be accessed and played via CasaTunes anywhere in the home.

“With CasaTunes support for iTunes in the Cloud, our customers can add a song to their iPhone while on-the-go, or download a track from the iTunes Store while at work and these songs will be immediately available in their CasaTunes library to play when they get home, without having to manually synchronize music libraries and devices,” says David Krinker, CEO for CasaTunes. “It’s a great new feature for our users – the time-savings and convenience is what makes the difference.”

CasaTunes will also support iTunes Match when it is released this fall. iTunes Match, is a fee-based service that allows customers to maintain a single music library in the cloud, that is accessible by CasaTunes and Apple devices. iTunes Match intelligently synchronizes users iTunes and non-iTunes music with iTunes in the Cloud, by only uploading music files that are not available from iTunes library of 18 million songs.

Support for iTunes in the Cloud complements CasaTunes existing solutions for Apple. This includes support for controlling CasaTunes from Macs, for synchronizing iTunes music from multiple Macs and PCs, for playing music from one or more iPod devices attached to a CasaTunes Music Server and for native CasaTunes Apps for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. CasaTunes also brings iTunes in the Cloud support to NuVo, Russound and Channel Vision multi-room systems.

CasaTunes offers a variety of complete multi-source hardware/software music solutions for homes starting at six rooms up to 48-room installations. The CasaTunes Music Server offers advanced multi-streaming capabilities, including simultaneous streams of iTunes, Windows and multiple connected devices as well as Internet radio.

Version 2.9 of CasaTunes is a free upgrade for existing CasaTunes customers and is expected to be available in July. It is included with the line CasaTunes Music Servers, or can be purchased separately for $478.

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