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Many Tricks updates Mac OS X window moving, zooming utility


Many Tricks ( has released version 2.0 of Moom, the successor to their window zooming and moving utility. The upgrade offers the same mouse and keyboard interfaces of its predecessor, but expands its powers with an entirely new Custom feature.

The Custom feature allows users to create customized Moom actions. These actions can then be accessed via a drop-down menu in Moom’s mouse interface, via Moom’s menu bar icon, or via user-assigned keyboard shortcuts.

Each of these customized actions also includes a special menu icon that reflects the defined action. For example, if a user creates an action that moves a window to the left edge, and sizes it at 50% of the screen’s width, then the icon will reflect the left edge position and 50% size. Users can also group related tasks together, and distinguish those groups via menu separators and titles.

Moom 2 is a free upgrade for all purchasers of Moom 1.x, whether those users purchased directly from Many Tricks or via the Mac App Store. For new users the cost is US$5.

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