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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for May 31


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

M3me has announced Remote Conductor 1.0 for the iPhone. The US$1.99 app turns the Apple smartphone into a productive, wireless, control center for a Mac or PC with features such as: an application/wiindow switcher, remote program launcher, wireless trackpad and secure keyboard. Remote Conductor communicates securely over Wi-Fi with a free server program.

Stepcase has released Fusioncam 1.0, a toy camera app with multiple exposure capabilities. Just like a real toy camera, multiple exposures are possible when you don’t wind the film. You can use the camera in the classical single shot with three different modes. Fusioncam will be free on May 31, the first day of release and $0.99 (USD) the day after. The regular price is $1.99.

Insane Media has launched Earth Under Siege 1.0, an action/strategy game for the iPad. In the $4.99 app, your mission is to defend earth. You will be able to choose between eight giant towers to build and upgrade at strategic points. There are different kinds of upgrades for each tower that changes their functionality making each challenge unique even if you’re playing the same level. Users explore the iPad’s multi-touch functionalities to control as many towers as possible.

Widget Revolt has unveiled Ice Tales 1.0, their first retro arcade gaming title for iOS. It’s a $0.99 maze game in which players help Pendleton Penguin rescue his friends from an evil queen. Journey across four different chapters in distant icebergs, angry volcanoes and an evil queen’s palace. Collect starfish, baskets of fish and other goodies to make it through the queen’s evil mazes.

Carrafix has debuted Photo Boost 1.0, a photo enhancement application for the iPhone and iPad devices. It users multitouch screen of the iDevices to provide four effects to your photos. You can twirl, bump, distort, colorize and add depth of field to your pictures using your fingers. All effects actions can be undone with a simple touch. When you’re done, you can share your art via Twitter, Facebook or email from within the application. Photo Boost 1.0 for iPhone is $1.99; Photo Boost HD 1.0 for iPad is $4.99.

The San Francisco Chronicle has published the Chronicle for iPad, an extension of the newspaper’s coverage. Stories, features and photos are optimized for the Apple tablet. San Francisco Chronicle for iPad 1.0 is free for 30 days. Monthly subscriptions for $5.99 and annual subscriptions for $59.99 are available through in-app purchases.

Star Technologies has unleashed Joe Versus for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Set in deep space, this $0.99, 3D puzzle adventure tests players’ reflexes and craniums, challenging them to out-maneuver an onslaught of rolling tetrahedral pyramids. Players are tasked with destroying a set number of tetrahedrons in less than the number of moves the game allows in order to achieve victory.

Grey Area has rolled out the free Shadow Cities app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It uses location-based technology to create an augmented reality and global arena for its players to participate in real-time large-scale combat with friends and other gamers.

RafSoftware has updated Remoter VNC, an iOS productivity app that enables users to remotely control Macs via Screen Sharing and Windows or Linux computers using the VNC standard right from their iOS devices, to version 2.4. The $0.99 app uses Bonjour and NetBIOS for set-up, and it features a “virtual trackpad” that allows control of the mouse cursor. Telnet and SSH, which also allows for secure VNC over SSH connections, support are available as in-app purchases.

CodeCrop has announced Snap 1.2, an update to their camera app for iOS devices. It turns the iPhone camera into a productivity tool: snap a photo, write as many notes as you want, move them with your finger and the picture is saved with the notes overlaid on it. You can share on Facebook, Twitter or email. Version 1.20 brings digital zoom, background transparency change and an exclusive symbols keyboard. In anticipation of WWDC, Snap will be on sale until June 6, for $0.99; it’s regularly $1.99.

Appsolute Media has updated Carmindy for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. The $0.99 app helps users create personalized looks for themselves. This app purportedly has the power to visualize over 1,000 unique looks based on skin tone, hair color and eye color, and lists the exact sets of product that are needed to recreate each look in real life.

Apple iPad owners can now broadcast their Facebook news feed as a personalized “news radio” via Friends Aloud HD. Developed by VoiZapp, Friends Aloud HD 1.1 ($2.99) brings optimized text-to-speech technology to Facebook. Users can play, pause, and skip forward/back at any time. The app will read aloud all of your friends’ postings and comments as quickly as they occur for as long as you wish, even while running in the background.

iHelpNYC has updated Chem Pro, its chemistry application for the iPhone and iPod touch, to version 1.1.1. The $9.99 app is a resource for students needing to excel in either AP Chemistry or General Chemistry. Chem Pro offers: a lesson library containing a total of 80 videos that cover the entire course of AP/General Chemistry; eight sets of flash cards; a molar mass calculator and a unit converter.

To keep cortisol and testosterone levels healthy and under control, a $3.99 adaptive stress free alarm clock app, Gentle Alarm 2.1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was developed by a clinical neurologist. In order to be woken up smoothly, sleepers will be guided from the deep sleep phase or dream phase into the light sleep phase by gentle sounds.

Readdle has updated Scanner Pro, its $6.99, iOS application that transforms the iPhone into portable scanner. The new version improves Evernote integration and contains several other additions. The latest update of Scanner Pro also uploads note location to Evernote servers. has announced 1.1, an update of their free app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It offers a way to send personal video messages to your friends. Users may send “vrings” to multiple contacts with the touch of a button. The service works over both WiFi and 3G, and vrings are delivered via multiple mediums: SMS messages, e-mail, push notifications for other users, and even calls to landlines.

Peter Burke has updated iNanotube for iOS — a graphical app that instructs users about the detailed atomic structure of carbon nanotubes, a new class of wires only a few atoms wide — to version 1.1. In the $0.99 app, 3D rendering algorithms provide detailed, animated renderings of their construction by rolling atomically thin sheets of carbon, graphene, into a nanotube, demonstrating and teaching their atomic structure.

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