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Apple patents range from video display to user input


Four patents have appeared at the US Patent & Trademark Office. Following is a summary of each.

Patent number 20110122954 involves decoding independent frames of a video display. A module may provide codec-independent services including determining frame display order, frame dependency sets, and queuing the dependency frames in advance so as to enable display of a video. The module enables a video to be played forwards or backwards at a variety of playback speeds from any position within the video. In one implementation, a device communicatively coupled to a plurality of decoders accesses a video that includes a plurality of frames. One or more of the frames are decodable by one or more of the communicatively coupled decoders. The device identifies a frame in the video that is to be displayed, and determines a plurality of dependency frames in the video upon which decoding of the frame to be displayed depends. The device provides an indication that one or more associated dependency frames are to be decoded. John Samuel Bushell is the inventor.

Patent number 20110121928 is for acoustic noise reduction in power supply inductors. Embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus that reduces an audible noise produced in a power supply. The apparatus includes: (1) a housing; (2) an inductor coil formed from a coil of wire enclosed in the housing; (3) a set of wires that are coupled from the inductor coil to the outside of the housing through corresponding apertures in the housing, comprising electrical leads for the inductor coil; and (4) a predetermined amount of adhesive in the apertures that bonds the wires to the housing to reduce an audible noise produced when the current through the inductor coil is cycled quickly. Dayu Qu is the inventor.

Patent number 20110123186 is for an electro-mechanical shutter control. The patent is for a method in a camera device having an image sensor and an electro-mechanical shutter mechanism. A constant drive current is applied to the shutter mechanism to close shutter at the end of a first exposure. Then, a decaying drive current is applied to the shutter mechanism during a readout interval for the first exposure. Other embodiments are also described and claimed. Other embodiments are also described and claimed. Richard Tsai is the inventor.

Patent number 20110125929 involves the dynamic interpretation of user input in a portable electronic device. The embodiments describe both the interpreting and modifying the interpretation of an input event to an electronic device having limited user input resources. The input event interpretation can be based in part on a connection state of the device. In some cases, the interpretation of the input event can also be based upon an indication of a current operating state of the device in addition to or exclusive of the connection state. Furthermore, in some embodiments, an operating state of the portable electronic device can be resolved based in part on the connection state of the portable electronic device. The inventors are Bryan J. James and Jeffery T. Lee.

— Dennis Sellers

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