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Chargeblock a must-have iPad tool when you’re on the road


By ‘Doctor Dave’ Greenbaum

When you want true power, power to dominate your iDevices, look no further than the Miccus ChargeBlock for iPad (  

Not only will it charge your iPad (1 or 2) or iPhone but practically any USB devices and does so with a size and dimension not much different than previous generations of iPhones. This is simply a must-have device for power on the road.

With its 8200 mAh capacity, Miccus claims it can provide 13 hours of use and for the iPhone 4 it can provide 61 hours of talk time. Wow. The amazing part is this power fits into a stylish eight ounce package. Included with the ChargeBlock is a USB cable and interchangeable tips for USB powered devices: Mini & Micro USB, Nokia, LG, Motorola, iPod, and iPad.

It also includes a 12VDC cable with changeable tips for PSP, DVD, and GPS.  The Chargeblock includes a wall charger as it cannot generally charge via a standard USB port.  

Style and aesthetics were clearly at play here because not only is it powerful, but simply gorgeous. Capacity is indicated by three neon blue lights, so you have a good idea how much of charge you have left. The Chargeblock can pass through charge any devices connected via USB, making it an ideal travel charger. When not charging, a rocker switch turns off the battery.  The black mirror finish and silver accents match your iPhone or iPad’s design perfectly.  

At US$99 retail, the device isn’t cheap but gives great value with its high capacity and ergonomic design. Why pay a little bit less for half the capacity?

The ChargeBlock for iPad is the perfect mix of power, style, and function for effective charging of any USB device on the road, but especially an iPad.

Pros:  High capacity, well designed
Cons: None I can find

10 out of 10

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