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Tecplot Chorus is Mac compatible CFD simulation analytics tool


A new simulation analytics tool being developed by Tecplot ( called Tecplot Chorus is designed to allow engineers to more easily discover trends and anomalies in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies and simultaneously gain insights into the underlying, fluid-dynamic phenomena that cause these variations.

By allowing engineers to collaborate in analyzing large sets of simulation data, the tool will help them make more informed decisions faster, says Tecplot President Mike Peery. Tecplot Chorus — which will be Mac OS X and Windows compatible — is presently in testing with a select group of key customers and will be available for purchase in the third quarter of this year.

Tecplot Chorus can analyze anywhere from one to thousands of simulation cases simultaneously. It incorporates a simulation data management system for both test and computational data. The new simulation analytics tool also promotes greater collaboration and efficiencies among teams of engineers, allowing them to archive and share simulation data to avoid rework and support teamwork, says Peery.

Tecplot Chorus integrates analysis and quality assurance processes with flexible features that are designed to manage, analyze and visualize large amounts of metadata, identify trends and anomalies, and link them to the underlying physics, he adds.

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