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PADACS ships renovated keyboard cases For iPad 2


PADACS ( has begun shipping its refreshed range of Bluetooth keyboard cases, the Toccata 2 and Rubata 2 (pictured), for the iPad 2. First launched last year for Apple’s original iPad, the keyboard cases are designed to provide a conveniently-sized physical keyboard for the iPad inside attractive cases.

The US$59.95 PADACS Toccata 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case contains a 9.2 x 5.3 inch QWERTY silicone keyboard that’s large enough to type on without adding to the iPad case size. Charged by an included USB cable, the Lithium battery-powered keyboard runs for as long as 45 hours. The Toccata 2 has been redesigned to hold the 33% slimmer iPad 2, making the entire Toccata 2 case both thinner and sleeker.

The $79.99 the PADACS Rubata 2 iPad Keyboard Case provides a premium cover with a built-in hard plastic shell Bluetooth keyboard with special iPad keys. Having undergone a total transformation, it’s now made from synthetic leather and has a redesigned hard shell keyboard.

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