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SyncMate now Syncs Android tablets with Macs

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Mac users can now sync their Macs not only with Android phones, but with Android tablets too when using SyncMate from Eltima Software ( SyncMate 3 fully supports Android phones synchronization and additional tests proved that SyncMate can sync Mac with Android tablets too.

SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars between Mac and Android devices for free. Upgrading to the Expert edition (US$39.95 for a personal license for two Macs) gives full access to all options SyncMate offers for Android devices — folders, music, images, videos sync, bookmarks synchronization, possibility to manage SMS messages on Mac and mount Android as a Mac disk and more.

Please note that the list of options for Android devices is just a general reference and sync options for each specific device may differ. For example, SyncMate supports calendars and contacts sync between Mac and Android device, but if a tablet doesn’t have contacts or calendars at all, SyncMate won’t add these categories to Android tablet to sync them with Mac.

Besides Android devices, SyncMate allows syncing Mac with Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 phones, Mac and PC computers, Google accounts, USB drives, Sony PSP and allows backing up data online to a special storage provided by Eltima Software (SyncMate allows syncing these devices and accounts with Mac within one app).

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