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G-Form offers ‘world’s most rugged laptop case’


G-Form, an athletic gear company recently known for the Extreme Sleeve for iPad that has sustained a 500-foot drop from an airplane and a 12-pound bowling ball, has introduced the Extreme Sleeve  for Laptop. The company says it’s the “world’s most rugged laptop case.”

Designed for the laptop user who is always on-the-go, the Extreme Sleeve can be placed in a bag, backpack or suitcase. It’s designed to “protect your laptop from impact unlike any other sleeve on the market,” says Thom Cafaro, innovations manager at G-Form.

The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop utilizes RPT (“Reactive Protection Technology “), which allows the Extreme Sleeve to be soft, flexible and light-weight, while still offering unparalleled protection, he adds. RPT is a combination of PORON XRD material and proprietary G-Form technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy.

The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop — which comes in 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch versions — offers consistent, repeated impact absorption for dependable performance throughout the life of your laptop, says Cafaro. It’s also crafted to be water-resistant, to guarantee safe and dry housing.

The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop is now available for pre-order for US$69.95 at .The Extreme Sleeve  for Laptop will ship May 31 and is offered in yellow and black.

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