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Polka Dot, Leopard/Zebra print case released for white iPhone 4


CAZE ( has released polka dot, leopard and zebra flavored cases for the white iPhone 4. The collection includes two sets of products: Duetto case-back Polka Dot and Duetto case-back Zebra and Leopard.

They feature a changeable back plate structure and a matching home button sticker. The Duetto case-back Polka Dot offers a black background with white polka dots back plate and a hot pink background with white dots back plate. The Duetto case-back Zebra and Leopard features a Leopard back plate and a Zebra back plate. Each set provides a home button sticker that matches with the style of the back plates.

The cases — US$26.90 each — are raised a bit to protect your screen from further scratches when laid on a flat surface. Each package comes with a bumper and two back plates and a home button sticker. To ensure all-around protection, the package also comes with a free screen protection kit (front and back films) for added shield.

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