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Decloner update for Mac OS X gets multiple folder support

PixelEspresso has released Decloner 1.4 (, an update of the Mac OS X 10.6 utility to find and delete duplicate files. The upgrade adds multiple folder support

Also, files that couldn’t be removed are displayed in a list and can be deleted permanently. Deleted files can be replaced with aliases of the remaining file
Decloner 14. adds detailed information and QuickLook support for selected duplicate file groups. Hidden folders aren’t scanned anymore. Version 1.4 sports a redesigned Preferences panel and a crash reporter.

Decloner uses a algorithm to determine if files are identical. The names of duplicate files are presented in a list to allow the user to select which files to delete, either individually or in bulk. Decloner can process large number of files on internal or external drives, and supports QuickLook and exclusion patterns.

The user can inspect files and view their contents using Leopard’s QuickLook feature. Decloner never deletes files permanently. Instead, it moves files into the Trash so that the user can always restore them if necessary. Decloner supports file name exclusion lists and setting minimum file size to ignore small files. Sparkle auto-update feature is included for the user’s convenience.

Decloner costs US$19.95 for a single user license; a 30-day demo is available for download. Version 1.4 is a free download for registered users of version 1.x.

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