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NuGuard GripStand released for the iPad 2


Newer Technology ( has announced the NewerTech NuGuard GripStand for the iPad 2. Available in black or white, it costs US$29.99.

The NuGuard GripStand is available as a standalone product or as part of a $39.99 bundle that includes the GripBase desktop accessory that locks into the GripStand case to provide an adjustable viewing angle in landscape or portrait modes along with 360° rotation. The wide, weighted footprint is designed to ensure that the GripBase will remain stationary on a desk even in high traffic areas.  

The NuGuard GripStand is designed to be a multipurpose tool for the iPad. The hard plastic protective shell grips the tablet while enveloping it in a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner. The removable, skid resistant desktop stand can be swiveled 360° and positioned at virtually any angle for viewing or typing needs.

The desktop stand also doubles as an ergonomically designed, one-hand grip so the iPad can be securely used while standing or walking. The NuGuard GripStand handle can even be rotated to use as a hook to hang the iPad on the wall in either landscape or portrait orientation.

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