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Conde Nast slowing down iPad mag plans


Conde Nast is slowing down — but not abandoning — its plans to deliver iPad editions of all its magazines, reports “Ad Age” (, quoting company employees, who say that conditions aren’t quite right yet to deliver the ideal app editions at the kind of scale that advertisers want.

However, “Ad Age” says Conde is far from done with the iPad. It remains committed to creating iPad editions for its titles — which include “Wired,” “GQ,” “Vanity Fair,” “The New Yorker,” “Glamour” “Golf Digest,” “Self” and “Allure” — with an undisclosed one planned to arrive in May. That said, publishers and executives feel a lot less reason to add more titles without a particularly compelling business case, says “Ad Age.”

“It’s a shift,” one Conde publisher said. “The official stance was we’re going to get all our magazines on the iPad because this is going to be such an important stream. The new change is maybe we can slow it down. In my opinion it makes Conde look smart because we have the ambition, but we’re not rushing. They’re not all doing all that well, so why rush to get them all on there?” the publisher added.”

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