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Apple patents involves backup/restore, radio transmitters, more


Apple has been granted four patents by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Following is a summary of each.

Patent number 20110087976 is for application-based backup/restore of electronic information. One method includes receiving, while a current view of an application is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting a history view associated with the current view of the application. The history view is displayed in response to the first user input, the history view including at least a first visual representation of an earlier version of the current view of the application, the earlier version including a first element.

A second user input is received while the history view is displayed. The second user input requesting that the current view of the application be modified according to the earlier version, at least with regard to the first element. The current view of the application is modified in response to the second user input according to the earlier version, at least with regard to the first element. The inventors are Pavel Cisler, Dave Lyons, Kevin Tiene, Mike Matas, Gregory N. Christie, Scott Forstall and Marcel Mwa van Os.

Patent number 20110085549 involves data routing acceleration. Systems, devices and methods for improving network performance are disclosed. In particular, in one embodiment, a method of processing data packets in an electronic network is provided. The method includes receiving data packets at a receive stack of an electronic network device and creating a first packet from at least a portion of each of the set of data packets. The first packet includes an indicator that the first packet is a first packet type. Additionally, the method includes passing the first packet to one of a bridge and IP layer of the receive stack. A first packet inhibitor at the one of the bridge and IP layer is bypassed upon recognizing the first packet as a first packet type. The first packet is routed to a transmit stack of the electronic network device from the one of the bridge and IP layer. Francesco DiMambro is the inventor.

Patent number 20110084881 is for identifying neighbors of geo-spatially distributed radio transmitters. Processes and systems are presented, for identifying a set of neighbors of a radio transmitter based on available geo-spatial coordinates of radio transmitters in operation around the world. In one aspect, the identified set of radio transmitters can be have a desired size (in terms of number of neighbors and/or radial range). The identified set of radio transmitters can be further customized to include radio transmitters of a specific type, and/or radio transmitters that belong to specific network carriers, and/or other possible grouping criteria. Markus Fischer is the inventor.

Patent number 20110085316 involves conforming EMI shielding. This patent is directed to an EMI shield constructed from a conformal coating. A circuit board can include electronic components for which EMI shielding is required. To provide such shielding in a space-efficient manner, a first non-conductive conformal coating can be placed over the circuit board and the electronic components. A second conductive conformal coating can then be placed over the first such that at least portions of the second coating around the periphery of the electronic components are electrically coupled to the circuit board. The inventors are Scott Myers and Douglas Weber.

— Dennis Sellers

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